The Cross

The Cross: this is the symbol of Satan’s defeat and the death of our flesh driven wills. It is a brutal symbol of death, yet at the same time being the ultimate symbol of hope, glory, and life. This was the instrument chosen by our Creator to wrought Salvation in the earth. The satanic realm loathes this symbol, because it is the symbol of their defeat and our victory. Anywhere we see the cross taken down, destroyed, smashed, degraded, or loathed, we can be sure of the satanic influence over that situation. On the contrary, anywhere we see the cross exalted we can be sure of the Holy Spirit’s influence over that situation. We boast not in the physical cross as if it’s an idol, but we boast in the One who sacrificed His life on our behalf, that we might live. The Cross: it is the mark of our redemption. Let us embrace and pick up the cross which the Father has given us. It is guaranteed to bring discomfort, pain, and sorrow to our flesh, but liberty, joy, and hope to our spirit. This is God’s prescribed meeting place. This is where we have relationship with Him. Jesus said that this is the narrow way, and few enter it. Let us lay down our lives, for this is where we will find our lives. ALL are welcome. Come to the Cross.



  1. Bruce Ebinger · · Reply

    Very nice, Son. I’m somewhat inspired to look into WorldPress also. I’ll be looking in from time to time.

    1. Thanks Dad. I will look into making a newsletter email subscription. I will put you on it. You’ll be my first one on the list.

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