Jihad vs. The Crusades

In light of our President’s comparison of the Crusades with Jihad, I felt it was a good idea to chime in and provide this excellent video comparing the two. Going to Bible college myself and taking a Church History class and other bible courses taught by pastor/teachers who held the same opinion as one prominent pastor, I would often hear that the Crusades are the Church’s “dark spot” of its history; a terrible atrocity that should have never been carried out in the name of Christ. True, I’m sure there were some ugly acts carried out by some crusaders during that time, but I’m not sure that the crusades as a whole were so hideous, after all, they prevented Islam from spreading throughout Europe and the rest of the world. That is another study in and of itself. Learning that these crusades were in response to the Islamic invasions and their barbarity helps shed light as to why the crusades happened. Also, comparing the large volume of Jihad battles with the few amount of crusades one will see just how inaccurate it is to compare the two; not to mention the aim of the two causes are polar opposites.

So check out this video:


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