The purpose of this website is to discuss theology. I desire to provide you with truth as it is found in the word of God.

Of course, all of these things are seen through the lens of the gospel. The fact that God Almighty, our Creator, sent His Son Jesus into this world as the only solution to the problem of our sin – that innocent blood was required to achieve our salvation. Further, that He rose from the dead on the third day in order to justify us before God. The fact that He rose from the dead is proof that God had accepted His sacrifice. Those who believe, therefore, have redemption through His ultimate sacrifice. There is no greater expression of love than that found at the cross of the Lord, where His innocent life was given for our eternal guilt so that we can be restored to a right relationship with the Father. In order for this right relationship to be established, Jesus said that you must be born from above — born of the Holy Spirit. Being born-again is when the Holy Spirit has breathed new life into your spirit, thus resurrecting our spirit. This is the foundation of this page, and I pray you will heed the gospel. The time is short. Repent of your sin, believe in Christ, and live for Him.

The call of Ezekiel involved a commission by God to be a watchman for his brethren, Israel (Ezekiel 3:16-21). He was to faithfully speak God’s message to the people and to warn them to turn from their foolish and idolatrous ways. He was God’s messenger of repentance in the midst of impending judgment. If he failed to warn the people then their blood would be on his hands. But if he did warn them and they chose not to listen, then their blood was on their own hands. Over 2,000 years later, the message is still the same today. This blog exists to share God’s good news of salvation and to do my best to faithfully communicate correct theology. This site is a platform for God’s message to you, to teach and perhaps to warn of what He proclaimed in His word.

I believe we are in a very unique period of history in which we could very well be the generation who sees the second coming of the Lord to earth. However, prior to His coming there are specific events that must take place and I believe we are seeing those prophecies unfold before our very eyes. One of those major signs is the great apostasy when sound doctrine and tossed by the wayside, people take sides with evil, and Christians are severely persecuted. These signs are happening at an alarming rate, and will only increase in measure. However, Jesus said that when we begin to see these things happen, we are to look up, for our redemption draws near.

I pray you find this page to be helpful, beneficial, informative, and useful in your desire to know the truth.

God bless,


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