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You Better Not Cry….

You know the song – “You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout, I’m telling you why…” Having found yet another little gem from the Scriptures on the Second Signpost (Dan. 7:4, 8:4-6, Rev 6:3-4) just this last week, I was reminded of this Christmas song. For such relatively short prophetic […]

The Incarnation

Coming up on Christmas, I thought it would be good to take an excerpt from Anathasius’ On the Incarnation of the Word of God. He verbalized man’s predicament and the incarnation so well in this portion. Enjoy. Merry Christmas. All this He saw and, pitying our race, moved with compassion for our limitation, unable to endure […]

A Note on Romans 4.20: Paul and the ordo sanctificationis

In Romans 4, the apostle Paul gave a midrash on Genesis 15.6, showing that Abraham’s faith preceded his good deeds, and thus God’s declaration of Abraham as ‘righteous’ was not based on works. In this way, Abraham becomes the father of both Jews and Gentiles who place their faith in Christ. In verse 20 Paul […]

Apostle’s Testimony of the Resurrection

Happy Resurrection Day!  It is because Jesus rose from the dead that we have the glorious hope of eternal life and the forgiveness of sins. All that Jesus said and did was validated by His rising from the dead! With that in mind, consider the apostle’s testimonies of the risen Lord and their sacrifice for […]